Key Stage 1 and 2


KS1 Curriculum

At St.Patrick’s Primary school our curriculum provides a rich, high quality and diverse learning experience in an inclusive, challenging and creative way. Such a curriculum ensures that children have the equal opportunity to take ownership of their own learning. The school is fully committed to meeting the needs of all our children: academically, socially, emotionally, morally and culturally.

At St Patrick’s we believe in providing a curriculum that is inspiring, stimulating and appropriate to the individual child’s level of ability/need; fostering a love of learning in a safe and secure environment. By supporting the children in Key Stage 1 to become independent learners we hope that they will grow and develop into responsible and resilient young people full of self-confidence and self-worth. We celebrate being part of and helping the wider community, teaching children in Key Stage 1 to be respectful, tolerant and charitable individuals.

The transition from Early Years to Key Stage 1 is a smooth and well organised process. By the time the children begin Year 1 their teachers know exactly how to challenge and develop their learning. The structure of Key Stage 1 develops upon the foundations embedded by EYFS staff as the children continue their learning journey at St Patrick’s. Whilst Reading, Writing, Phonics, Mathematics and Religion form the main focus of the curriculum; the children are also provided with the opportunity to work with specialists in Art, Music, Drama and P.E. on topics such as ‘Let’s Go on Safari’; ‘Rocket into Space’; ‘the Life of St Patrick’ and the ‘Story of Life in London’. Children are also taught the following foundation subjects: Science, ICT (Computing) History/Geography and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education). Within Key Stage 1 all teachers promote and plan a creative, rigorous and thematic curriculum that not only encourages but also motivates all children to realise their God-given potential.

KS2 Curriculum

We provide a creative and rigorous curriculum which inspires and motivates all the children to realise their God-given potential. By encouraging the children as learners, by supporting and inspiring them, we want to help them to become independent, responsible and resilient young people full of self-confidence.

In the Juniors – Years Three to Six – the school’s curriculum is split into the main areas of Literacy (including creative writing, reading, spelling and grammar), Maths, Science, RE, ICT (Computing), Music, Art, PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education), PE, History, Geography and French. Drawing all these different subjects together will be a range of different topics: the Romans; the Extreme Earth; the Ancient Egyptians; the history of London; and England’s green and pleasant land. All the topics will draw from and be pulled into as many of the different subjects in order to give the children a rich and diverse learning experience.

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